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Dear New Friend,

If you are looking for a job or will ever need a job again in your life, what you are about to discover here is critical to you and your career and is a matter of your pay, your happiness, your family, your health, and even life or death.

I want you to have this information because after spending years on the other side, behind the scenes devising job interview questions and hiring tactics, I found that hardly anyone looking for a job or facing an interview really know what they are up against.

Most people dread job interviews. Why shouldn't they? After all more than 90% of all people are eliminated in the job interview. Less than ten per cent of all people pass the first interview but only one person can win.

As far as job candidates (you) are concerned there is only one measure of success for a job interview: Getting Hired! Who wants to be told "Hey you did great in your interview but we selected someone else for the job!" Not me and I'll bet you don't either.

Make No Mistake Your Every Move Is Being Scrutinized

The problem is not that most people going into job interviews are unqualified for the position. The fact is most people are qualified. If qualifications were all that mattered, employers could hire candidates from their resumes and skip interviews altogether! The difference is how well you perform in an interview and this includes answering and asking questions, testing, and behavior.

The keyword is "perform." Your interview is a performance. In addition to your answers, you are being judged by your appearance, how you dress, how you shake hands, eye contact, gestures, how you sit, how you stand, your voice inflection, body language, what you say, what you look at, and even how you drove in and exit the parking lot.

Your resume or skills can help you get in the door but they do not get you the job. The problem is most people do not have the correct answers for interview questions and have little or no idea how much their behavior is impacting their chances.

When you are going to a job interview like most candidates you usually have no idea what questions they are going to ask or what signs the interviewer is really watching to see from you. Most candidates have no idea what signals they are sending out or what the interviewer is detecting about them.

I was once naive enough to believe that if you answered all the questions correctly you had a good chance of getting the offer. (Yes I was living in a fairy tale!)

You Are Being Punished For What You Don't Know

Your interview is about behavior... your behavior. Your body language and conduct is under strict scrutiny. One bad move, an inappropriate energy level, an innocent gesture, or even borrowing a pen can get you disqualified.

You have probably heard of "RED FLAGS" in the dating game. But did you know employers have a long list of RED FLAGS about your behavior? That's right. And many of these mannerisms might seem perfectly natural and acceptable. If you have ever gone to an interview and not got the job offer, there is a HIGH probability you are sending out RED FLAGS and condemning yourself.

This is so important please let me repeat:
"If you have ever gone to an interview and NOT got the job offer, there is a HIGH probability you are sending out RED FLAGS and condemning yourself."

Think about this: Most every time you got an interview your qualifications were so good that the employer was interested enough in you they took the time to contact you, schedule an interview, and PAID TO TALK TO YOU. That's right. The person who read your resume and contacted you, the person greeting you at the company, the person interviewing you, and anyone else you met while you were there were all getting paid. (Hey isn't that flattering?)

Because you are qualified the employer spent their money just to talk with you and see you. Your qualifications got you in... what ruled you out?


Most Job Candidates Are Not Even Aware How They Are Disqualifying Themselves
Let me ask you a few more questions so you can see what I'm talking about.
Do you know what five body language signs indicate you are hiding something?
Are you aware there is one thing you should NEVER look at during an interview or even while you are waiting for one?
Do you know there are five innocent words that can get you IMMEDIATELY ELIMINATED from consideration?
If you're a woman. . . do you know what touching your hair during an interview says about you?
If you're a man. . . are you aware of the 7 seemingly natural actions that send up danger signs about you?
Do you know what five foods you should NEVER eat during a lunch or dinner interview?
If you don't know the answer to any or all of the questions above, don't worry you're not alone. What can you do?
You Are About To Discover Secret Tactics
So Powerful The US Government
Came Knocking At My Door To Get Them!
This is an eye opening look into the job selection process. Phil Baker gives you the winning edge fast!     Robert DuPont - Maine         

My name is Phil Baker and I have been an employer, marketer, and hiring advisor for years. I crafted the interview questions and techniques many employers are using.

Upon seeing so many people struggling to get a job, I wrote the best selling book: EMPLOYER SECRETS and How to Use Them to Get the Job and Pay You Want. This book has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

After I exposed these Employer Secrets, the US Government read the book and came knocking at my door requesting my permission to use my revolutionary job hunting methods for training. (Of course I said sure.)
Since then I have written several more books and hundreds of articles on job hunting, resumes, and cover letters and also created the free
All this is important to you because:
I have spent countless hours conducting and observing job interviews. I know exactly what you need to know to avoid the mine field of pitfalls because I helped employers craft their bag of tricks!

This is like having a cheat sheet for job interviews.
   Martin Forbes  Global Careers


Rather then walking into another company blind, if you know what things you should and should not do in a job interview, your confidence can go through the roof. When you have the answers to their questions, you become confident.

I am going to help you eliminate any jitters and all your fear of job interviewing with these astounding Employer Secrets. You can so master the art of the interview you will look forward to each one and will almost be disappointed when you accept your job offer and stop hunting!

This is exciting! Many people who have read Employer Secrets have contacted me to say they had an Oprah "aha" moment. That moment has come in several different places in the book, but they all agree that their view of the hiring process was forever changed and they were empowered by what they discovered.

I'm about to share with you the easiest and quickest way to have all the job interview confidence you'll ever need. How you can be free of all fear and be the shining chosen candidate for any position you apply for. How you can completely convince employers that you are the single most logical choice for the job.


All this is important to you because I can and am going to show you how you can beat the odds. How to master the art of the interview and exactly what you should and should not do whether you are a seasoned career professional or new graduate and how you can have a heap of job offers to choose from.

Employer Secrets is 190 pages packed full of the information you have been reading about here. This is the information you need to eliminate the fear and headaches of job interviews and get the offer every time.

What I liked about this book is that every chapter packs a punch and there is not a bunch of meaningless filler between all the good information. I love the chapter 'Never go to an interview to get a job,' so true. The explanation about empathy is the best I have ever read. Great book Phil Baker!       Victoria Revello - New York


Employer Secrets shatters the hiring myths and exposes the truth about employers. I liked finding out how HR stands for Hypocritical Researchers and Phil Baker's candor and wit. No one should look for a job until they have read this book.    Mark Chelle - Chicago

What Do Barack Obama, Julia Gillard, David Cameron, Stephen Harper, and Miss Universe Know That You Can Use To Get A Job Offer?

These people are all being judged when they speak. But what do they know that can help you? Most all of us have seen beauty pageant contestants and politicians being interviewed on television or in videos. Women answering idealistic questions with poise and politicians smiling as they reply.

Sure they make mistakes, but many in both groups come back appropriately with polished responses. How is it that these people remain so calm and poised and pull the right answer out of their hat time and time again?

You are going to get the system of listening and responding used by many politicians and pageant contestants. You will be prepared for any interview question. When you have this power your confidence shines through and an amazing thing happens. You will be overcome by a newfound level of assurance and courage. Confidence breeds confidence.

You are going to get easy step by step detailed instructions for what you should and should not do and say during the hiring process. Everything you need to make employers conclude that you are the most logical solution to their problem.


 After seven years in Human Resources I thought I knew all about interviewing and negotiation. Employer Secrets taught me some tricks and new insight into empathy and the art of persuasion. This is one of the most genuine self help books I have ever read.     Heather Lomax - CA


Employer Secrets Has Received High Praise From Critics But More Importantly From Job Hunters Like You


Employer Secrets is a wealth of information. Anyone who will be looking for or changing jobs should Phil Baker's common sense approach to finding and getting that dream position. Employer Secrets will be a reference book in my library.            Maurice Cope - Colorado


Most Candidates Are Eliminated In The First Five Minutes of an Interview!
Have you ever wondered why
a prospective employer never called you after a seemingly successful interview? There are so many reasons you can be eliminated. Many candidates are ruled out in the first five minutes and often in the first 60 seconds! Find out exactly what you should do in the critical first five minutes of any interview that can keep you from being eliminated and positively influence the interviewer.

Did you know there are greetings when you arrive for an interview that can count against you? What do you say when you greet an interviewer? Do you say "Hello", "Nice to meet you", "My pleasure," ? Do you offer to shake hands? I was shocked to discover how employers interpret greetings and what they mean. You need to know what you should and should NEVER do when you meet an interviewer.

Do you know the SINGLE BIGGEST Mistake Candidates Make In Interviews and How Avoiding This One Can Immediately Put You In the Top 5%?
In a survey of HR
personnel there was one single mistake that stands out above all others. In fact estimates are that as many as 95% of all candidates make this one blunder that often gets them rejected. Your future depends on knowing this critical mistake.

Most Candidates Violate At Least One Standard Of The Interview Conduct Code

Here is some inside information I will let you in on right now:

You are being watched from the moment you set foot on an employer's property. In the parking lot, in the reception room, in the interview, and until you exit, your every move is being observed.

You are being judged and most candidates have no idea what the behavior rules are. There are rules of behavior detection for job interviews. These rules are in the Interview Conduct Code. Most job candidates are in the dark. In fact most job candidates have no idea what the Interview Conduct Code (ICC) even is.

The ICC is for employers and designed to protect employers. This report has been locked away and kept from job hunters for years.

Along With Employer Secrets You Are Going To Get an Actual Copy of the ICC Code Book That Was Designed
For Internal Use Only
The Interview Conduct Code has been kept under wraps by employers. The ICC report is designed to protect employers. This document has never been available to job seekers... until now!

You are going to get the Interview Conduct Code (ICC) secrets. In fact you are going to get a copy of the Official HR ICC designed for "Internal Use Only."

Once you have these secrets you can conduct yourself accordingly. You can avoid what is eliminating so many job candidates and leaving them out in the cold.


The Book No Employer Wants You To See

You will have the answers and behavior that make you the most logical candidate for the job.The chosen job candidate will almost always not have violated a single behavior code rule.

With this information in your hands your confidence will have you walking ten feet tall! Without this information, the odds against you are stacked and I'm afraid you have little chance.


            This is counter intelligence for the job hunter!        
         John Riesen - Washington

In Addition You Are Going to Get
They're Just Not That Into You

They're Just Not That Into You
(over 60 pages.) Phil Baker and other top authors and resume writers tell you what you need to know to keep your resume out of the trash can... and on top of the call pile!

Find out why you're not
getting interviews. Discover how to get employers excited about you and your phone ringing off the hook for interviews!

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You Are Also Getting:
101 Resume Secrets That Get You Interviews

101 Resume Secrets That Get You Interviews
(over 90 pages) The in depth resume how to secrets that will get you interviews. Send a resume that impresses employers and gets them to call you for an interview.

Discover inside resume secrets and writing tactics
you can't get anywhere else. This book will also get employers excited about you and your phone ringing off the hook for interviews!

Now included as an Instant Download!

This is the most powerful information available for job hunters.
     Samuel Abernathy  HR Director           

There's More!
Desperate job Hunters

Are You Getting Beat Out For Jobs By Desperate Hunters?
True Stories:
Desperation can cause people to act in ways they would normally not. Find out how far desperate people will go when job hunting. These people threw aside their inhibitions, taking measures that most of us would not have thought of or had the courage to try, yet they got the jobs!

You don't have to be desperate to take advantage of desperate measures. But if there are actions that can get you interviews and job offers immediately why not take them?

Over 60 pages: Instant Download!
How to Use Facebook to Get a Job

Get the Latest Facebook Networking Tactics for Job Hunting
Facebook is more than connecting with old friends and family. The internet has drastically changed the job search process.

If you are still relying on the old traditional ways of searching job postings you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. Most job postings are what's left at the bottom of the barrel these days.

Get a working knowledge of this rapidly growing social networking site, as well as understand the importance of using this resource in your job search.

Now included as an Instant Download!

How to Use Twitter to Get a Job

Over 90 Pages Of The MOST POWERFUL
Twitter Networking Tactics On Record
The odds are stacked against you in job hunting. Old methods of job hunting can take months just to get an interview. You send out resumes by the hundreds and hope for a response.

In this book you will discover How to Use Twitter to Get a Job. The new tactics and methods that are revolutionizing job hunting... employers are finding employees faster and you can be one of them!


Now included as an Instant Download!

How to Use Linkedin to Get a Job

Job Hunters are Getting Hired Using Linkedin: Find Out How
Don't miss out!
Employers are using social networking to find employees. If you are not taking advantage of Linkedin you could miss out on the perfect job.

From setting up a Linkedin account to hearing "you're hired!" Discover the ins and outs of how you can get the full benefit of networking with Linkedin.

Now included as an Instant Download!

Get This Information In Your Hands Now Before One More Employer Passes Sentence On You!

Don't get beat out again for a job you want. Don't waste another second worrying about your next job interview.

Once you get these books in your hands and browse through them I know your eyes are going to pop wide open. You will see how easy it is to turn the tables in your next interview and take full control.


P.S. It's your turn - Your turn to get the job you've been dreaming about. Think about this: The very next interview could be the beginning of your new job! Why not use my years of experience to your advantage? Get Employer Secrets right now and in minutes you will have the information in your hands that will so astound employers they will have only one question left for you: How soon can you start?

P.P.S. This is easy: I've collected all the inside information and developed the methods for you - now it's your turn: Just order now!

P.P.P.S. Because of the condition of the economy I have lowered your investment for these books to a bare bones price. I want to see you get job you want. Get this information in your hands right now so you can be another success story!

    Employer Secrets rocks! If I could recommend one book about job hunting to all my students - this is it!    Richard Parr - Cambridge    

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